the culmination...
Of madness?

My neighbors wife was convinced that his boa was going to eat their baby. So, I'm the new papa of a 6 foot boa named Bella. This is so cool. Its the coolest pet ever!! I'm gonna take her on picinicks and feed her Deeetroit rats.

Now listen here Boy-o...
Slade Alive is the shit. Its as rock and roll as it gets. Everytime I listen to it I end up waaayyy drunk. Slade will do that to you. Its like there's a little voice on their records whispering " ect." And along with the natural boot stomping the music brings it makes perfect sense to drink and drink heavily.

I feel like a have the plague. Children ARE disease ridden. Ill need a germ suit next time I babysit...

I loovvve All Dogs Go To Heaven. Its the seediest childrens movie ever. I hope that one day I have a daughter I can name Ann-Marie...

Dear diary,
Its a shame its too warm to go ice fishing. Id luv that right now.

Girl Groups..... Mmmmmmmm.

Oh cheap wine how I love you.

computer liebe...
I was gonna say something important. I think. I've forgotten what it was... oh yeah. I don't care if there's drugs in the drinking water as long as I'm drinking grape kool aide. Its the best shit on planet earth.

Its nice to get some fresh air.

does this make me the minority?
My grandma told me that way back a boy and girl were kidnapped on the coast of Wales. They were neighbors I'm told. so the filthy pirates sold the children to a man in tennesee as slaves. they were my great great great great Etc grandparents. i guess that means i have slave blood in my veins. thats some crazy shit.

(no subject)
im listening to the smithsonian collection of classic country music and it sounds soooooooooo nice. everyone should hear this. it is perfect. it is america. u know? the feeling. it makes as much sense today as when it was recorded and thats beautiful. goodnight

well, thats a real good question...
Once this crazy ass old hippy named Cosmo asked me "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO BOPPA OOH MAO MAO??!!!"

Who the fuck you?

Today I went to my dads house. He got arrested this morning. Its suuuuch bullsit. the courts in this rusty state need a reformation. That is thee truth.

the nite before, we had burgers. Then I told him of Hasil Adkins. So I played that shit for him. He loved it. Its sweet. I felt better and I think he did too. My gramma called me, so I went to the other room to see what was up. She said she wanted a coke. So I went into the kitchen to get it for her. But, then I saw my dad boppin and playin air guitar to that shit. It was the best. He really needs it. So I got the coke and gave it to my gramma. She asked me if I was listening to country music. She said she heard that from the other room. I said yeah its country alrite. I think my gramma would like hasil adkins.


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