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Today I went to my dads house. He got arrested this morning. Its suuuuch bullsit. the courts in this rusty state need a reformation. That is thee truth.

the nite before, we had burgers. Then I told him of Hasil Adkins. So I played that shit for him. He loved it. Its sweet. I felt better and I think he did too. My gramma called me, so I went to the other room to see what was up. She said she wanted a coke. So I went into the kitchen to get it for her. But, then I saw my dad boppin and playin air guitar to that shit. It was the best. He really needs it. So I got the coke and gave it to my gramma. She asked me if I was listening to country music. She said she heard that from the other room. I said yeah its country alrite. I think my gramma would like hasil adkins.


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